Contactless payment

You can now use contactless payment in Vilkku public transport. Contactless payment means buying a bus ticket with a bank card or another payment method suitable for contactless payment. You can only use contactless payment to buy adults single tickets for yourself.

You can pay with Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Eurocard. You can also pay with Google Pay and Apple Pay applications if they are connected to your card.

Reader devices never ask for a code number when paying with contactless payment in public transport.

A non-functional payment card does not entitle you to a free trip.

Ticket prices and price ceiling

With contactless payment you can only buy adult priced single tickets for now. The ticket price is determined by your travel zones. Ticket prices are equal to a value ticket paid with a Waltti travel card or a mobile ticket, i.e. it is cheaper than a ticket purchased with cash.

Tickets include a 60-minute exchange right. For trips made between 11 PM and 4 AM, an additional night tax is charged, which is 50% of the ticket price. Tickets also include a daily price cap, whereby you pay a maximum price equal to the daily cap for trips you make during the same day (00:00-23:59).

AB 2,70 € 8,70 €
C 3,19 € 10,30 €
D 3,84 € 12,40 €
E or F 3,96 € 12,80 €
2 zones 4,50 € 14,00 €
3 zones 4,99 € 15,60 €
4 zones 5,55 € 17,20 €
5 zones 6,42 € 20,70 €
6 zones 8,38 € 27,00 €

You can't skip over zones. If, for example, a customer travels within zone D and later on the same day buys AB ticket, the daily cap changes for four zones A-D.

How do I pay with contactless payment

When getting on the bus, the customer selects from the card reader screen if they want to pay with contactless payment. Do this on every trip, including exchange trips!

  1. Select the contactless payment function on the card reader screen
  2. Check the travel zones and add more zones if necessary
  3. Show your payment card to the contactless card reader. The reader informs you of a successful payment on the screen and with a beep.

If the bus does not have a remote reader, you must mention to the driver that you want to pay your trip with contactless payment and say what zones you need. The driver then selects the correct amount to be charged and the payment card is read on a separate contactless payment reader.

How can I see the charges made and how do I get a receipt?

You don’t receive any receipts when using contactless payment. Charges for trips paid with contactless payment can be checked afterwards on the customer portal, where you log in with the payment card information. You can also print receipts from the portal. Please note that the debit date on the bank account is not necessarily the same as the travel date.

Customer portal

Trips paid for with a mobile application (e.g. ApplePay, Google Pay) cannot be from portal (excluding Mastercard, if the online service is logged in with payment card information). You can check the charges, from your own bank services

My card didn't work

Use the payment card in the reader of the ticket device only after you have selected the contactless payment method and the zones on the device's screen. If you use your payment card in the reader before making selections, the device will instruct you how to proceed.

If payment didn’t work, there might be few reasons:

  • Your payment card does not support a contactless payment
  • Reading of the card failed. Show the card to the reader again 
  • Your payment card has expired
  • There is no money on your payment card
  • Your previous trip has not been charged for some reason 
  • The payment card’s daily spending limit has been met. You can change the spending limit through your online bank