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Waltti Webshop

Waltti webshop is an easy way to buy a personal Waltti travel card and to load products on it without a service charge. If you are entitled to any of the special tickets that are loaded to the personal Waltti travel card, you can top up your card from the webshop after your first card purchase.

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Vilkku Mobile Ticket

Vilkku mobile ticket is a simple and easy way to buy single tickets or day tickets without service charge using your own smartphone. Get a free Vilkku mobile application from your play or app store.

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You can only buy single tickets on the bus.

Payment is in cash.

Service point

Service point serve you in all matters concerning Waltti travel cards. You can also buy a day ticket from a service point.

Customer service in the Council building

Suokatu 42, Kuopio

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  • New Waltti travel cards, top-up services and sale of Waltti day tickets
  • Invoiced customers (e.g. payment voucher customers)
  • Closing of lost cards and transfer of products to new cards
  • Handling and rectification of special cases (damaged travel card)
  • Activation of products downloaded from the webshop
  • Storage of lost cards

Service charge 1,50 €

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Sales points

You can load your Waltti travel card and buy a multi-user Waltti travel card at the sales points.

Note that single tickets are not available at the sales point.


Petonen Pyörönkaari 7, Kuopio

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Siilinjärvi, Toritie 10, Siilinjärvi

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  • New cards and top-up services
  • Activation of products loaded from the webshop

Service charges:

  • 6 % of the price of the product to be loaded
  • 5 € for issue of a new card

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Top-up service points

You can top up your Waltti travel card at the following R-kioskis. The service charge is 6,00 % of the product to be loaded. Please note that you cannot buy a new Waltti travel card from these kiosks.

R-kioski, bus station, Puijonkatu 45, Kuopio
R-kioski, Haapaniemenkatu 28, Kuopio
R-kioski, Niiralankatu 11, Kuopio
R-kioski, Tulliportinkatu 29, Kuopio

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